The inspiration for Jelly Jolly London came four years ago, borne in the desire to bring colour and happiness to the grey and weary wintry days of London. Jelly Jolly London infuses everyday life with imagination and creativity, a funky cruise ship cutting through the monotonous sea of black and grey.  We at Jelly Jolly aim to bring London’s unique beauty, style and creativity to the world stage.


Main Products


Transparent flat and high heel boots, colourful socks, transparent and transluscent bags make up the main products of our brand.  Jelly Jolly London gives you the power and flexibility to mix and match Jelly shoes, funky socks and Jelly bags to create your own unique look each day.




Transparency: Jelly Jolly London wants you to live in a world where you are free to be exactly who you want to be.  With a transparent pair of shoes or wearing a transparent bag, your own inner beauty and personality are magnified, bringing your unique sense of fashion into focus.


Colour: Jelly Jolly London puts color center stage with over 100 different funky, colourful socks for you to choose from, designed for any taste and temperament. At Jelly Jolly London your age is only a number. 8 years old, 80 years old — doesn’t matter. We have you covered.


Creativity: Jelly Jolly London puts creative power in your hands. Pick any colour and pattern that tickles your fancy so you can express your true self. Jelly Jolly London gives you the power to fine tune your look, unlocking your hidden potential to be your own best image-maker.


Back pack: Annabelle


Our Annabelle jelly backpack is light and roomy, with an uncompromising design and style. Stand out.


Boot: Charlie


The Charlie jelly boots are cool and comfortable. Like walking on clouds.


Heels: Daisy


The Daisy heeled jelly shoes are feminine and honestly, they’re a good choice for any weather. Heads will turn.


Low shoe: Nelly


Nelly ankle jelly shoes are for a more subtle and integrated look. Composition oriented.


Kids: Skip


The Skip jelly boots for children give your kid a head start.